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Walking Tours of Reading (Terry’s Reading Walkabouts) 

Back in 2018 Terry Dixon, now a Committee member, started to organise walking tours of Reading. He has developed around 11 and growing. They typically cover 2 miles and take 90 to 120 minutes (depending on the slowest walker and the number of questions.

Terry has also helped RCS to organise several walks especially for Heritage Open Days. Terry is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and has a good following. addition to Reading for tourists.

Terry has also published  Reading’s Influential Women there is a walk which supports this.

To find out more go to Terry’s Facebook page

Heritage Trails
The Caversham Heritage leaflet was produced in 2012. It is a most useful guide to Caversham’s history and 20 of its historical features. The leaflet may be downloaded  from the link Caversham Heritage Trail

The Trooper Potts Trail will take you from Trooper Potts Way to the north of the railway station to the Potts Memorial opposite the Crown Courts.


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