The Local Plan 2018

Minor updates 13 April 2018

Submission of the Local Plan

RBC ‘s Planning Policy team have advised us that they submitted its Local Plan and Proposals Map along with supporting documents to the government on Thursday 29 March 2018.

The Local Plan is the document that contains the policies and sites for how Reading will develop up to 2036. It identifies the amount of development that will take place, the areas and sites where development is expected to be accommodated, and where it will be restricted, and sets out policies for how planning applications will be decided.

EN5 (Page 40) PROTECTION OF SIGNIFICANT VIEWS WITH HERITAGE INTEREST lists the 9 Heritage Views developed by CAAC members .

The next stage is that an independent Inspector will be appointed to hold an Examination into the documents to consider whether they are ‘sound’. It is anticipated that public hearings will be held this Summer/Autumn according to a schedule determined by the Inspector. If the document is found to be ‘sound’, it can then be adopted as Council Policy. More information on the Examination process is available on the Council’s website at The information on the detailed arrangements in terms of timescales, location etc. will be published on the Council’s website as it becomes available.

The Submission Draft Local Plan and the Submission Draft Proposals Map, together with all supporting documents are available on the Council’s website ( Hard copies of the Submission Draft Local Plan and Submission Draft Proposals Map will be available for inspection in Reading Borough libraries from next week, during normal library opening hours, and in the Civic Offices between 9 am and 5 pm on weekdays.


If you wish to view the Heritage element alone, including the section on Heritage Views, this may be reached  via the link:

Historic Environment Background Paper EV024.

The Heritage Views Analysis developed by CAAC members is  at Appendix 4.


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