Privacy Policy GPDR May 2018

Electronic Mailings

We use Microsoft Office to send out emails about coming events and other information we believe will be of interest. We also use it to email requests to renew membership, where necessary. In order to do this we need your email address, and this is stored in the Microsoft Outlook email address file. This database holds the following information:

  • Your name, your address, telephone number (used only exceptionally)

New members will be asked to confirm they wish to receive emails, and we will record the date that is done.

If an email circulation cannot be delivered then it will bounce back to us.  If three messages in a row bounce back we will delete your record.

If you no longer wish to receive circulars from us electronically, please email us at . If you do this, we will immediately flag your record in the records to send no more messages, and remove your details from the email circulation list as soon as is practical. (If you are a member, you will continue to receive information from us by post).

Existing members and supporters will be asked to reconfirm they wish to receive emails from us in advance of the introduction of the General Data Processing Regulations, and we record when that permission was given.

If you do not give your assent within two weeks of us asking you to do so, then we will delete your details as soon as is practical.

We will delete your details should you cease to be a member of Reading Civic Society subject to our reclaiming Gift Aid and for historical record purposes only.

The information we hold as manual records (off line) are:

  • your category of membership.
  • The annual subscription payable, and how you pay (standing order, cheque, etc)
  • Details of when your details were entered on the records.

We will not disclose your personal details to any third parties, except in the very limited circumstances set out in our Data Protection Policy, which also has an explanation of how to obtain details of all the information we hold about you.

See our Data Protection Policy for an explanation of how to obtain details of all the information we hold about you.

Internet log information

We do not at the moment collect standard internet log information to monitor the number of visitors to the various parts of the website, though this may be done in the future. If it is information collected would include your IP address, which could be used to identify the device used to look at the website. We will not however attempt to do this except if required to do so by law enforcement agencies, or to investigate and prevent abuse of the website.

Membership records

Our membership records are held on a computer but, apart from the information needed to email out the circulars (described above) this is not uploaded to the internet. We need to hold this information in order to provide membership services. See our Data Protection Policy for further information.