Local Listing update: November 2019

Local Listing Update: 5 November 2019

The government has decided to encourage councils to develop Local Lists (Lists of buildings which are important locally but which do not make the cut to be added to the National List managed by Historic England). We will give more information about this in due course. In the meantime Get Reading today provides information about, and images of, the buildings currently on Reading’s Local List. https://www.readingchronicle.co.uk/news/18013927.reading-11-important-local-listed-buildings/?fbclid=IwAR3aPjJn-GzAfX4NmBlueZDoa3hRE7kTaXNtdFVd1OiMIiUq6R3TSSD5hts

Reading Borough Council’s process of adding buildings to the Local List is not visible on their website. Anyone however can propose a building to be added to the local list. Reading Civic Society and the CAAC have had some success in having buildings added to this list. The council also proposes and consults with us about their ideas. The link to the RCS page about how to go about adding a building to the list is


What is the weight given to Locally Listed buildings? Does it count for anything as two of the buildings which were formerly on the list have now been demolished? The recent evidence of Planning Appeal decisions in Reading is that it does. The Planning Inspector decided against the proposal to demolish 3 Craven Road – a key element of his decision was the Local Listing. The University’s proposals at St Patrick’s Hall, which would have led to demolition of part of the building, were also turned down by the Planning Inspector, after a hearing of 5 days, partly based on the Local Listing. However Local listing is not the ultimate protection and a use has to be found for buildings. Grovelands Church has we understand been sold by the church (so we hope for imagination there). The lease for the Rising Sun is £100,000 per year- so who on earth is going to pay that for the site… the owner is setting that up to say “we have tried to let it but surprise no one wants it so we now want to demolish it.” The building on the SSE site does not feature in the new plans for the site, though we have sought to encourage the developers several times to do so.