Listed Buildings Details

If you wish to check if your home, or that one you are interested in, the data base of Listed buildings is maintained by Historic England and it may be searched here; Search Historic England for Listed Buildings . 

If you find difficulty finding the property you seek  one way is to search for “Reading” and then scroll down the list and search manually.  Alternatively use the Map search feature.

Another source is Listed Buildings On Line.  This site uses listing information from HE and includes images submitted by members of the public.

Members of the public may update the information held on the Historic England site by going to Enrich the HE listIt is necessary to have an account with HE to enable you to do this but that is a simple process.  The Enrich the List process enables the addition of photos, old or modern, and information about the story of a building which you feel should be held on a national archive.  Members of HE staff examine proposed Enrichments before they are posted on line.