Georgian Reading

On 27 January 2022 a presentation was given to the some 47 members of  Berkshire Family History Society about Georgian Reading.  We thank them for their invitation and for being our guinea pigs as this was the first time the presentation had been delivered to a group as a talk.

The slide show may be reached Georgian Reading

The background to it is that in 2017 members of Reading Civic Society visited Bath to meet members of the Bath Preservation Trust and to wander around its terrific buildings.

Society member,  Professor John Missenden, returned with a mission to show how good Reading’s Georgian buildings are by comparison, yet they are comparatively less well appreciated. He compiled a Power Point Presentation of images of Georgian Buildings in Reading.

In February 2018 John sent the presentation to the leading Classical Architect Quinlan Terry who commented that:

 “I never knew it (Reading) had so many good buildings!” 

There is an earlier version of the presentation which is timed and takes 5 minutes from start to end, may be accessed HEREClick on the File Georgian Reading Berkshire’s Bath and It will start automatically. if it does not click “Start Slide Show”


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