Activities 2020 + 2021

Activities for 2020 were curtailed with effect from mid March because of CV19. The  annual lunch, in Pepe Sale was however held on 7 March 2020, attended by around 40 people. Image Mr Widdows. 

In November 2021 some 30 members and friends assembled for lunch at Pepe Sale as a “where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?” lunch and a challenging Terry Dixon quiz (very Mastermind standard). Images below Chris Widdows. The full gallery can be seen HERE

Two RCS Heritage Open Day walks “South of Castle Hill and to Coley” were held in September 2021 raising money for Terry Dixon’s Charities.

We also held two talks in Thames Lido;

32 people attended Joe Doak’s “Look up to History in Reading Town Centre”

39 people attended Lloyd Turner’s “Landlords and Conservation. A conflict of Interests?” about his challenges restoring old buildings in Reading and converting them to HMOs for professionals and students. We were delighted to welcome the Mayor of Reading, Cllr David Stevens, and the Mayoress, Alison Stevens, and to host them for dinner in the Lido after the event.

Judicial Year Service

In previous years members have been able to attend the High Sheriff of Berkshire’s service to mark the start of the Judicial Year in Reading Minster in October. In 2020 a much simpler service, for 25 people and no other guests, was held in the Chapter House of Reading Abbey ruins. It was probably the first time in over 450 years that such a service had been held.

In 2021 the service was held in St James Church for the first time ever.  A number of Civic Society members attended.  The Chair worked with the Vice Lord Lieutenant and the High Sheriff’s of Berkshire (Mary Riall 2020-21 and Willie Hartley Russell MVO DL 2021-22) to set up and manage these two services.  In  2022 the service will be back in Reading Minster on 8th October.