Castle Hill & Russell Street Conservation Area Review -update 10 April

Members of the CAAC (Conservation Area Advisory Committee) and BSANA ( Baker Street Area Neighbourhood Association) have produced a draft update of the Castle Hill  & Russell Street Conservation Area Appraisal.

On Sunday 9 April this was shared for the first time with local residents, landlords and all who were interested at an afternoon event held in the community facility “The Oasis” (Baker Street). Some 40 people took part.

The Draft appraisal may be viewed; Castle Hill/ Russell Street CA Draft Appraisal 2017

Views of residents and Landlords in the area are sought.  There is a survey which we ask is completed Survey of views about the Draft 2017 Appraisal.  The survey will be open until 15th May 2017. 

The process of updating the Appraisal was explained by Cllr Tony Page and Karen Rowland.  Cllr Page explained that he had written to landlords, many of whom were absentees to engage their input.

The draft document proposes that:

  1.  the CA be extended along Oxford Road, to the railway bridge.
  2. parts of Mansfield Road be added.
  3. Body Road, Anstey Road be brought back into the CA.
  4. Some of the properties along Prospect Street (towards the Oxford Road).

You can see here a map of the CA showing existing boundary and proposed additions.

After the survey is closed on 15 May the report will again be updated to take into account feedback. It will then be submitted RBC for further consideration and be subject to a formal consultation before adoption. The updated appraisal will then sit with the updated Local Plan to form a framework for Heritage Management in the future.

The event included 3 walks of the Conservation Area for interested residents, 30 people were guided around the area by local residents.