Russell Street/Castle Hill/Oxford Road Conservation Area

Update 28 September  2020

After several years work in early 2020 the CAAC submitted to RBC a proposed update to the Castle Hill  & Russell Street Conservation Area Appraisal.

Consultations with the neighbourhood were undertaken in 2017 and 2019

The updated appraisal was adopted by Reading Borough Council in March 2020.It may be reached. HERE

This is one of the largest and most diverse Conservation Areas so the document is lengthy.  It breaks the CA into  5 Character Areas.  It is more comprehensive and image heavy than its predecessor.

The adopted update extends the Conservation Area by including the following changes:

  1.  the CA be extended along Oxford Road, to the railway bridge.
  2. parts of Mansfield Road be added.
  3. Body Road, Anstey Road be brought back into the CA.
  4. Some of the properties along Prospect Street (towards the Oxford Road).
  5. The name was changed to the Russell Street/Castle Hill/Oxford Road Conservation Area

You can see here a map of the CA showing old boundary and the approved extensions

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