St Peter’s Caversham Conservation Area Appraisal

Updated 14 February 2018.

In December 2017 the CAAC submitted its Draft Conservation Area Appraisal update for St Peter’s Caversham to Cllr Page (Deputy Leader of Reading Borough Council) and the Planning Officer.

This follows nearly 18 months years work by CAAC representatives, who are also members of Caversham and District Residents Association– CADRA.

Comments from RBC were received in January 2018 and the revised document was discussed with members of the the Planning team on 8th February. .

This document may be seen as a flip book and as a conventional PDF by following this link HERE

A site visit with the Heritage Adviser  to examine one of the proposed extensions to the CA will take place on 22nd February.

Once the draft is agreed an introduction from Cllr Page will be added.  It is aimed to submit the document for consideration at the RBC’s Strategic Environment, Planning and Transport Committee (SEPT) in July.  Formal Consultation by RBC will then be undertaken.  With luck it should be enacted by December 2018.

Local Consultations have already been undertaken:

  • On Saturday 12 July 2016 a review of the Caversham Conservation Area commenced withe some 28 volunteers meeting at St Peter’s Church, Caversham for a briefing followed by walking the area during which they learned more about the area and were able to contribute to the review.
  • The initial conclusions and the proposed extensions were shared at the St Peter’s Church Fete in July 2017.
  • A walk of the area was held over Heritage Open Days 2017, again seeking feedback.
  • Local businesses affected by the proposed extension have been leafleted.

The consultation in July 2017 gained 161 responses  with an 80-98% support for the proposals ( extensions to the CA).

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