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Updated 4 March 2018

Walking Tours of Reading

A chap called Terry has recently ( Sept 16) started to promote his walking tours.  They cover 2 miles and take 90 Minutes.   We have not experienced these so do not “recommend” them as such but it is a potentially useful addition to Reading for tourists.  His tel no is 0705 351517.   His facebook page is;  https://www.facebook.com/terrysreadingwalkabouts/

Heritage Trails

The Caversham Heritage leaflet was produced in 2012.  It is a most useful guide to Caversham’s history and 20 of its historical features.  The leaflet may be downloaded  from the link Caversham Heritage Trail

The Trooper Potts Trail will take you from Trooper Potts Way to the north of the railway station to the Potts Memorial opposite the Crown Courts.


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