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Updated 5 August 2018 – LOGO

In 2015 Reading Civic Society, along with the Baker Street Area Neighbourhood Association (BSANA), Caversham and District Residents Association (CADRA) and other Neighbourhood Action Groups started to work with Reading Borough Council to establish a basis by which the existing Conservation Area Appraisals could be progressively updated.  We also wish to examine how to both enhance what we have and how to arrest deterioration. Historic England has provided advice and training in how to look at the features of Conservation Areas and how to undertake Character Appraisals.

The Strategic, Environment, Planning and Transport Committee (SEPT) of Reading Borough Council in April 2016 endorsed the CAAC being set up.  The first meeting was held on 19 May 2016.

The CAAC  is an autonomous advisory body.  The aims for the first year include:

  • To take the lead in updating Conservation Area Appraisals and make proposals for the enhancement and general care of maintenance of CAs.
  •  To further Education about Conservation Areas.
  • To advise the Council on certain Planning Applications,  Pre-Applications or other matters referred to it,  which affect the character or appearance of a Conservation Area or Heritage Site or other area of Historic import.
  • To advise the Council on schemes of public realm/ public highway which may be referred to it.

Updating Conservation Area Appraisals- Progress

The first Reading Conservation Area to begin their community–led appraisal was the Russell Street & Castle Hill CA, a large densely populated  CA experiencing many of the problems of multiple occupation and inner city living.  This was followed in July 2016 by St Peters, Caversham. In December 2017 the revised appraisal for St Peter’s Caversham was submitted to RBC and discussions have taken place to refine it.  It is projected that it will take to December 2018 before it is formally adopted.  Work on Russell Street/ Castle Hill continues and is hoped to be submitted during 2018.  Work is underway on Market Place/ London Street Conservation Area Appraisal.


Volunteers to assist complete this massive task are sought.

Please contact  Evelyn Williams – the Chair of the CAAC if you wish to discuss how to get involved

Achievements to date

These include progress in updating Conservation Area Appraisals and identification of 8 Heritage Views which have been included, at our instigation, in the new Local Plan.   For more look here

Officers Appointed for the year from 4 December 2017:

Chair Evelyn Williams:;

Vice-Chair  Richard Bennett:;

Minutes Secretary Vickie

Planning & Policy Secretary Vacant. Help sought.


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