Welcome to information about Reading Civic Society and Conservation Areas

You may have been directed to this page from Reading Borough Council’s page about Conservation Areas.  If so you can find information about these by clicking on the links which follow:

Conservation Areas.

  • Brief guidance about the planning constraints if you own, or rent, a property or run a business in a Conservation Area.
  • 1 page summaries of the special features of each Conservation Area and Individual Conservation Area Character Appraisals.
  • My Conservation Area matters – celebrating the 50th anniversary of Conservation Areas

Heritage Open Days walks of Reading’s central Conservation Areas

10 September 2017

On a very cold and blustery Sunday Dr Margaret Simons led two walks for the Society on the 4th day of Heritage Open Days.  To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the establishment of Conservation Areas these covered the town’s two central Conservation Areas, though we stretched the boundaries a little. Group photos are below.  There were 18 people on the walk from the Maiwand Lion and  19 on the walk from St Mary’s. My thanks to all who stuck with the weather.

The Walk from the Maiwand Lion. 10:30am Sunday 10th September.

The walk from St Mary’s Chapel. 2pm Sunday 10 September. 

.Visit to the Bath Preservation Trust  11 July 2017

Members of the Society were welcomed by CEO Caroline Kay and members of the Architectural and Planning Committee to hear about Trust and aspects of Bath’s historic environment, touching on planning, major sites, conservation and other issues.   The trust is also working with other voluntary groups to update the Conservation Area Appraisal for Bath.  Society members then took the opportunity to explore Bath.

The image below shows society members with the BPT

Civic Society walks of Reading’s Central Conservation Areas

On 16th June Matt Rodda,  MP for Reading East,  (Centre below) cheered off the first of four walks of Reading’s centre of town Conservation Areas.  ITV Meridian were there to record the event ITV Meridian News report as was BBC Radio Berkshire.

In the afternoon the second walk started from the Maiwand Lion.

The same walks were also held on Sunday 18th June.

Listed Buildings .

Information is provided to guide owners of Listed Buildings on the permissions they need to be able to undertake work to their properties.

Conservation Area Advisory Committee.  

Established in 2016 information is provided about its work and progress to date.

Castle Hill/ Russell Street Conservation Area- Re-Appraisal April 2017.

A draft of the proposed Re-Appraisal of this area was published on 9 April 2017 and shared with the local community (residents and landlords). The views of the local community are sought, there is a survey which can be completed until 15 May 2017 CA Re-Appraisal and Survey.  

Reading Civic Society

Reading Civic Society was formed in 1962 to fight a wave of insensitive development that threatened to destroy much of the town’s historic centre.

Our role is to:

  •  Scrutinise new planning proposals [link to section on planning]
  • Promote conservation not only of historic buildings but also of the town’s waterways, parks and street landscapes
  • Encourage good design in new developments.
  • Educational visits are arranged each year to nearby towns and cities during which we seek to meet members of their Civic Society to learn what we can about their issues and solutions.
  • An annual party is held for members in March each year. There is a newsletter for members 2-3 times a year.
  • Reading Civic Society is a member of Civic Voice – the national charity for the Civic Movement.  Several of its members are part of the Reading Conservation Area Advisory Committee which was formed in 2016 to advice Reading Borough Council on the issues facing Conservation Areas.

Further information about our Activities and how to join us may be found HERE

You may contact the Chair (Richard Bennett) to discuss any particular interests on Bennettbaker@msn.com


Updated 30 May 2017.



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